Twelve Nutrition Tips for 2022

12 Nutrition Tips for 2022

As we make our way into 2022, there are many nutrition tips to keep in mind. Choosing one of these for each month of the year may enhance your dietary program, improve your weight management capability, and provide a healthier, happier lifestyle throughout the year. As always, prior to beginning any exercise or nutrition program,…

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Organize your Fitness Lifestyle for 2022

Organize your fitness lifestyle

Organization of your fitness lifestyle may lead to improved outcomes, particularly over the long-term.  And organization means more than just knowing which days and times you will dedicate to your exercise program.  While that is an important aspect of organization because you must know when you will exercise in order to actually get it done–how,…

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High Step Variations

High step variations

There are dozens of variations of high step-up movement patterns. Stepping up high onto a step platform or plyo box, not only engages the quadriceps as the primary mover, this movement pattern also will engage the gluteus maximus and nose to toes core. High step-up movement patterns performed regularly may enhance your performance in a…

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Three Fitness Technique Tips

seated lat pull

While there are hundreds of fitness technique tips that we utilize throughout each week when training our clientele, there are three that are of particular importance across the board. The tips featured this week will concentrate on muscular strength training skills/drills. Knowing where you are in space and time, understanding the purpose of the exercise,…

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Four HIIT Drills to Master

HIIT - the HARDEST work!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the hardest that you are able to train for a specified interval (i.e., usually 5-30 seconds) and during that interval you become completely winded. It is not hard work, or harder work, it is the hardest! If you have consulted with your physician and they have cleared you for…

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Three Excellent Core Exercises

Three core exercises

When training the core, it is important to approach your training program from a total body perspective. Hence the reason we tend to refer to the core as everything from nose to toes. The three exercises featured this week are excellent examples of the “nose to toes” core concept. You will train across all three…

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Mind and Body—Inextricably Linked

mind and body, this is "you" time

Not a day goes by that the phrase, ‘the mind and body are inextricably linked” is not conveyed to our clientele.  Regardless of what the class format may be, the skill level of the client, the goals/objectives of the client or the type of personal training program that has been designed, there is always a…

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Alternating Squats – Three Great Variations

Squat progressions

Squats have been an integral part of exercise programs for decades.  There are dozens of variations on the “squatting” theme.  However, performing alternating squats challenges the body differently than traditional bilateral squats.  Consequently, this week, we will feature three great progressions of alternating squats. Progressions utilizing external resistance such as dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbags…

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Three Lower Body Exercise Standards

Three Lower Body Exercise Standards Article

While not an exhaustive list by any means, the following three lower body exercises are solid standards to include in almost all exercise programs. And, due to the fact that all three are performed standing, there is significant inclusion of the nose to toes core as well as the lower body musculature. These exercises should…

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Keep Your Head Up!

Proper posture

One of the most common technical cues that we as trainers convey to our clients is for them to “keep their head up,” to ensure that the cervical spine is in neutral during the vast majority of exercises, skills and drills we perform.  A good analogy is to consider the head/neck/shoulders as the “roof” on…

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