Happy Anniversary Mountain Life Fitness! We are so excited to be celebrating our third anniversary here in Grand County! Through our diligence and hard work and all of your support, we have built this business from the ground up and are continuing to grow—thank you!

Throughout this summer we will be offering all of our 30 large group exercise classes, continuing to build our Pilates Apparatus Small Group Training Program (SGT) and our personal training program as well as presenting cutting edge workshops to provide you with the “best in the business” health and fitness information.

Regarding workshops, we will be presenting the myofascial release workshop again as so many of you that were unable to attend the last one, have requested that we offer it again so that you may join us. Several other workshops, including another step, cycling and weight training are all in the near future as well as nutrition series presented by Lisa Turan, our in-house nutrition expert.

Speaking of nutrition, keep in mind that we offer an excellent nutrition consulting program right here at Mountain Life Fitness. While your exercise program must be consistently performed to ensure good health and fitness results throughout life, the nutritional aspects of health and fitness are essential. Many clients neglect to pay appropriate attention and detail to their nutritional program and as a result, may sabotage achieving their health and fitness goals. Often clients state that they are eating “healthy” during our goals/objectives sessions in the initial stages of their personal training program; however, what may be discovered is consistent excessive input of calories (healthy or not, too much of a good thing may be detrimental), perhaps imbalances between macro nutrients and micro nutrients, the timing of the correct input of nutrients and portion control. Today is the day to take those necessary steps toward a complete health and fitness program which always includes a cutting edge nutrition program specifically tailored to your individual needs.

You may also notice that Kendra Barten, our personal training director, will be spending a considerable amount of time on the fitness floor now that we have fine-tuned her schedule. She will be offering helpful suggestions to keep you safe and effective while you train as well as encouraging you to become one of the dozens of members who have chosen to take advantage of our “best in practice” personal training program. There are many of you that are consistent with your program; however, we have observed a great deal of incorrect form/technique on the fitness floor, repetitions which are being performed way too fast to be safe and effective and too much time being spent between sets, all of which may lead to poor fitness outcomes.

We are here for you daily, throughout each year, because we feel passionately about bringing you state-of-the-art health and fitness services so that you may lead healthier, fitter and more productive lives. Therefore, stop by the reception desk, give us a call or chat with us on the fitness floor, prior to or following classes and together we will take an amazing, successful fitness journey! Have a fantastic, safe, healthy and fit summer 2017!

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