Everyone May Benefit from Personal Training

Whether you are a novice or veteran exerciser, you may benefit from our personal training program here at Mountain Life Fitness. There really is no downside. This is an investment in yourself, your body and mind and pays excellent health and fitness dividends.

The Benefits for Novice Exercisers

-An exercise program designed specifically for you, taking into consideration the learning curve that will be involved and the limitations that you may need to address.

-This program concentrates first on safety and then effectiveness. We design programs with the safety factor as the priority. Once we know that you are safe, then effectiveness comes into play as we want every repetition that you perform to be worth your time. Fun is the final factor; however, enjoying your workouts is important as this points to adherence which is tantamount when we are discussing the benefits of fitness.

-The guess work is taken out for you. Our expert trainers possess a solid understanding of your body and how it responds to exercise. The program is designed based upon sound exercise physiology, kinesiology, biomechanical and anatomical fundamentals of fitness. We do not guess. We research, determine the best course of action and take that action.

-We listen to you. If there are any aspects of the training program that feel uncomfortable to you, then we will modify that aspect immediately.

-This program is all about taking care of you.

The Benefits for Experienced Exercisers

-In many cases, experienced exercisers, who may not have been exposed to the safe and effective practices within the fitness industry, establish a few bad habits and perhaps a few injuries along the way. One of our certified personal trainers will examine the program you are currently performing and assess the safety and effectiveness of the program scientifically.

-The personalized fitness program is designed for you based upon your goals and objectives, both short and long-term.

-This program addresses where you are currently at in the fitness level spectrum and progresses you toward the next level, or may properly train you for an event that you would like to enter such as “The Ride of the Rockies”, a marathon or triathlon. We say, “if you can track it, you can train it”, which means that we take your fitness level very seriously and create baseline measurements and perform fitness level assessments so that we may track your progress scientifically.

-While you may have read a lot of books, blogs and printed off programs that trainers on-line provide, this program is exclusively for you. Without a personal fitness assessment, functional movement screen and goals and objectives consultation, there is very little chance that a program will be effectively designed for an individual.

Therefore, if you are a novice or veteran exerciser, or someone in the middle of that spectrum, consider setting up an appointment for a personal training session today and begin experiencing substantive, positive changes in your fitness level.

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