Fitness Hour of Power

If you are unable to workout in the early morning or evening, you may find it challenging to schedule your workouts consistently. However, consider another time of day that can be your fitness hour of power—over your lunch break. While you may not be able to manage an entire hour workout if you have to be back at your post in one hour, it is possible to create an excellent exercise program that will fit perfectly into 30-45 minutes.

The beauty of the “hour of power” is that you are able to get in and perform your workout in the middle of the day, grab a quick healthy bite for lunch on your way back or at your desk and then, when the work day is done, you are free to go home or out with friends and relax. You may not be able to manage this hour of power every day, but even two days per week, when combined with your early morning or evening workouts, works really well. This week, check out the fitness hour of power tips below to create a time-efficient workout plan. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Tip #1 Many of our clients come in for their muscular strength training workouts in the early mornings or evenings and use their hour of power during their lunch break for their cardiovascular training. Some come in twice a day to accomplish this; however, if you are a five-day/week exerciser and do not have the option of two-a-day, then consider the possibility of Monday/Wednesday/Friday designated as your muscular strength training/full body exercise program days and Tuesday/Thursdays for your “hour of power” lunch-break cardiovascular workouts.

Tip #2 If you were to follow this approach, on Tuesday, perform HIIT (high intensity interval training) and on Thursdays, perform steady state training. For example, for a 30-minute HIIT program, try 5, 30 second all out HIIT intervals with 30 second recovery intervals followed by 5-minutes of steady state training and repeat the series three times. Then, on Thursdays, train steady state at an RPE of 4-6 which is somewhat hard to heavy exertion (i.e. ratings of perceived exertion), for 30-40 minutes. Make certain to build in five minutes to warm-up and five minutes to cool down, foam roll and stretch.

Tip #3 Pack your lunch or pick up a protein shake for lunch as you head back to work. You do need to be organized to enjoy the hour of power. So, the night before, pack your workout bag and always keep an extra pair of socks/shorts/shoes in the bag and keep your bag in the car!

Tip #4 Prepare for hectic days. Therefore, plan on a 45-minute program if you have the time, but make certain that your program is flexible enough so that you can at least get in 30 minutes.

Tip #5 While it is great to include a workout partner, if you do, for the hour of power workouts, they must be as committed and organized as you are or this will sabotage your program. Choose your workout partners wisely as these individuals, if not fully committed, may attempt to encourage you to miss your hour of power!

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