Four HIIT Drills to Master

HIIT - the HARDEST work!
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the hardest that you are able to train for a specified interval (i.e., usually 5-30 seconds) and during that interval you become completely winded. It is not hard work, or harder work, it is the hardest! If you have consulted with your physician and they have cleared you for this level of intense training, then the following four drills may be an excellent addition to your training program. 

Perform one to three rounds of these four HIIT drills in sequence as described on two-three non-consecutive days/week.

Across the Top – BOSU – med. ball toss – 1’ all out in the final 30 seconds – HIIT- place a BOSU in an unobstructed space, with the handles turned like 12:00 and 6:00 on the face of a clock, then you stand at 9:00 or 3:00. Choose a light/moderate medicine ball. Walk the inside foot on top of the BOSU, then the outside foot and then the inside foot walks to the floor and then the outside foot taps on the floor. Once you have mastered the skill, then you may add power to the drill. At this point, toss the ball up slightly as you go across the BOSU. You must keep your eyes on the ball.

Shuffle ball slam – slam ball (16lb.) – 1’ all out in the final 30 seconds – HIIT – make certain it is a slam ball and not a medicine ball as medicine balls bounce! Create an area of space that will enable you to shuffle 4x to the R/L safely. Holding the ball, shuffle 4x R and then slam the ball from overhead to the floor and then go down and pick it up. Repeat L. 

Squat/swings – kettlebell – choose a k-bell that you will be able to swing effectively from the shoulder joint without compromising the shoulder or lumbar spine. Stand with the legs approximately shoulder distance apart. Holding the k-bell with both hands, squat back and allow the k-bell to suspend between the legs while you are in the squat position. Then, driving through your heels, swing the k-bell upward to either shoulder height or above. Perform one set for 30 seconds, actively recover for 15 seconds and repeat once. *Trains the quadriceps/hamstrings/glutes/deltoids and nose to toes core but should cause you to become winded! 

Jump/Slam – battling rope – holding the ends of the battling rope, facing the anchor point, which has been securely anchored to a stable support (i.e., anchor at wall stud or affixed to an anchor on a secure multi-gym, etc.), stand back far enough so that the rope is relatively extended. From a squat position, jump vertically with the rope in both hands and as you land, slam the rope into the ground. Perform this drill consistently for 1’ pacing the effort so that the final 30 seconds are all out—sucking wind! 

Club/Chop – punching bag – 4kg. Club – choke up a bit on the club, turn 90 degrees from the punching bag and set the body up into the same position as you would if you were going to swing a bat or an axe. Swing and hit the bag right in the center and repeat. Make certain you are utilizing your hips both coming and going. Perform all out for 30 seconds all out on one lead and switch leads and perform on the opposite.

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