Fun Fitness Bright Ideas

It goes without saying that being fit requires time, commitment and hard work. But, fitness can be fun too and this week several fun fitness bright ideas are presented to broaden your horizons so you may experience the results of your workouts while having fun. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Fun Fitness Bright Ideas

-The partner plan – Have you been working out alone forever? Then, try working out with a partner. It may be so much more motivating, leading to better adherence and fun.

-The club plan – Join a cycling club or get a group of your friends together and hire a qualified/certified and experienced trainer to teach you a fun, exciting and results-oriented class format that you would all enjoy. You will walk out of your workout with sweat on your brow and a smile on your face.

-The break out of your routine plan – Try a new group exercise class format or request a new exercise program from your personal trainer. Experience great music in the class format (this may be arranged during personal training and small group training sessions as well), constant coaching, motivation and encouragement and individual attention. Results are combined with tons of variety resulting in fun for everyone.

-If that does not float your boat plan- Try a Pilates Reformer class, boot camp class, indoor group cycling class, weight training circuit, kickboxing circuit, aqua aerobics, or functional strength format. Sample different formats until you find the right combination of excellent instruction, provided by a coach/trainer who takes the time to design safe, effective and fun formats, regularly modifying the formats adding variety and creating progressive overload which is an essential component of all exercise programs. The perfect blend is out there for you, so keep searching.

-If group exercise classes are not your bag plan -Then try an outdoor activity you have not attempted previously such as snowshoeing, alpine/Nordic skiing, snowmobiling and ice skating in the winter months. Or, cycling, swimming, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis or sailing in the summer months. You might surprise yourself and find an activity that serves the dual purpose of supplementing your regular exercise program and is a blast to experience.

-The play plan – Use a wide variety of fitness tools (i.e. toys) to create that sense of play and you enhance the effectiveness of your program as well as setting the stage for enjoyment. Agility ladders, hula hoops, balls of every shape and size, jump ropes, steps, Strongboards, wobble boards, bongo boards, slide trainers, sandbags, resistive tubing, TRX Suspension Systems, RIP Trainers and BOSU balance trainers to name a few of the seemingly endless variety of “toys” to play with, have fun and get results.

-The in-class or training session partner work plan – It may not work in every class format or training situation, but choosing exercises that enable us to work as partners is a great way to have fun and stay motivated while getting fit. For example, try passing the medicine ball while linking ankles performing roll ups. This is a great nose-to-toes core exercise and an effective method of bonding with some of your fellow exercisers. Bonding creates a team-building atmosphere and almost always leads to fun.

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