Getting back into the fitness swing

So, you had a wonderful active summer and now that summer is behind us, you have lost traction on your fitness level and are not back into the fitness swing with your regular exercise program. To avoid this happening again next year, perform your regular exercise program throughout the year, even if you taper off a bit for the summer months, because it is a challenge to return to your routine when you have taken an extended break.

That said, this week we will feature 10 strategies for getting back into the fitness swing so you are not only prepared for winter sports but ready to hit the holiday season fit and healthy. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Strategy 1:  Pull out your planner and set up the exercise program schedule right now. Create a realistic schedule for yourself focusing upon your life this year rather than the one previous. Since the only thing that is constant is change, chances are your schedule or lifestyle may have changed since this time last year. Consequently, address those changes and build those into your current exercise program schedule.

Strategy 2: Make certain that all of your workout gear is ready to go, clean, organized and prepared for each day, but particularly your first day back.

Strategy 3:  Regarding strategy 1, build in time for proper dietary input particularly if you are an early morning workout person. Without the proper food input, your performance will suffer, so set yourself up for success with the fuel you will need and this includes your water bottle.

Strategy 4: If you do intend to participate in group exercise classes, check the current schedule to ensure that the time slots and formats that you are interested in attending are unchanged.

Strategy 5: Be prepared to experience delayed onset of muscle soreness (i.e. D.O.M.S.). No matter how active you were all summer, if you have not been performing your regimented exercise program, particularly if it has been two/three months, you are going to be sore.

Strategy 6: If you are hiring a personal trainer, build this into your planning schedule and assume that it may be a week or two before you can get on their dance card. And, plan on working out until you can fit into their schedule so that you do not lose your momentum (i.e. strategy 1).

Strategy 7: Do you exercise with friends or a significant other? Then, get them on board right away and align your schedules today.

Strategy 8: Consider where you would like your fitness level to be by the holidays this year and set a course to get there by starting now.

Strategy 9: Plan for inclement weather if you are an outdoor exerciser and have a plan B for those days when you cannot be outside safely.

Strategy 10: If you are a serious skier, snowboarder, snowmobiler, etc., keep in mind that those activities do not take the place of regimented exercise programs. Participate in a ski preparation program prior to the season and continue your exercise program throughout the winter sport’s season so that when it is once again summer, you are in terrific shape.

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