Getting Fit, Staying Fit

Recently experiencing tremendous crisis in our lives has reinforced why I have a lifelong commitment and passion for fitness. How getting fit and staying fit is critical in terms of weathering the storms that life throws at us. Not only do we manage the physical demands of tough times better when we are fit, we handle the psychological stress better as well. When our bodies are fit, we are strong, possessing solid endurance and consequently, the toll that these times in life takes on us may be minimized. While we cannot store fitness, the fitter we are the longer we are able to maintain our fitness levels during times when we cannot perform our regular fitness regimen. In other words, the fitter we are, the fitter we remain. Of course, we must return to our regimen within a reasonable period of time in order to continue maintaining a good fitness level, but staying fit for life provides the body with a solid foundation from which to function. Even 15 minutes of concentrated, well-designed fitness programs performed regularly during these times when we are out of our routine helps the body to hold on to a good fitness level and then, once the crisis is over, we may return to our regimen without having lost significant strength and endurance. Relocating in and of itself can challenge the body physically while you move furniture, pack and unpack boxes, organize and haul debris. The key is to make certain you are fit prior to these situations so that when they occur, you are physically prepared to manage the stressors.

My clients often joke that when they are moving to a house, they remember to stabilize their core prior to lifting heavy objects. And, it is no coincidence they have stayed strong during their lifting, rotating, pulling and pushing due to being fit. Now is the time to get fit if you are not, and if you are fit, to stay fit. Life will challenge you, physically and mentally, and the only element in life you control is your own behavior. Therefore, keeping your body, that wonderful machine that we have been given, in tip-top shape is essential so that you cope with those stressful times in life and also enjoy the less stressful times to the fullest extent possible. The fitter we are, the more we will enjoy each and every one. Less time on the cell phone and computer, more time moving the body through space and time, every day, every chance we get, making fitness a top priority in life, right up there with nurturing relationships with our family and friends. So, do not waste another moment. I am off to work out right now — join me!

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