Hectic Summer Recovering Tips

Steady streams of guests, constant opportunities to hike, bike, fish, swim, kayak, sail, paddle board, boat and the list goes on, may lead to mental and physical fatigue by the close of the summer season. You literally feel burned out, although it sure was fun! As fall descends upon us, follow these ten tips allowing yourself a little “recovery” time in preparation to enjoy the change of seasons. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Tip #1 Get the house in order. All of the “toys” that we utilize during the summer season begin to become disorganized and need to find their home back in storage. Do this as soon as possible so that you avoid the stress of clutter. This applies to changing out closets so that you have easy access to jackets, boots and outer gear as the temperatures cool.

Tip #2 If you have been a little lax about performing your exercise program regularly, it is time to become consistent once again. And, although you may be a bit reluctant as you may have lost some of your previous fitness level, remember that your mind and body will respond positively to your program by taking this proactive approach.

Tip #3 It may be time to try something new within the vast array of fitness programs. If you have not tried a Pilates Reformer program, yoga, Tai Chi or boxing, consider doing so to put the spark back in your fitness program.

Tip #4 Set up a meeting with your personal trainer (who has been missing you this summer!) and review your program, current physical state and goals/objectives for the months ahead.

Tip #5 If you were too busy this summer for your regular massage therapy sessions, schedule a massage today and begin the fall season relaxed.

Tip #6 Supplement your visits to the massage therapist by performing consistent stretching and myofascial release with foam rollers or other release tools.

Tip #7 Check out all of your winter sport’s training equipment, such as skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles to make certain all is in order for the season. While it is a couple of months away, being prepared will allow you to enjoy the shoulder season knowing you are ready to hit the slopes when the snow returns.

Tip #8 Set aside some quiet time if possible each day. Even if it is only ten minutes, this time of solitude and reflection sets the template for the day ahead. Meditation during this time is an excellent method of destressing, releasing anxiety and creating a centered and balanced mind/body connection. Choose a calming mantra that has meaning to you and repeat it during this quiet time. And, feel free to use the same mantra in the middle of a busy day or during a particularly challenging workout, to return you to the center of your universe.

Tip #9 Revisit your nutritional program ensuring you are on track and to include fresh foods that are specifically available this time of year.

Tip #10 There are many recovery tools that are trending currently in the fitness industry. Always remember caveat emptor and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, however, cryotherapy chambers, cold laser, infrared light and photobiomodulation therapy, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) are all possibilities. Just do your due diligence first or ask your fitness professional to provide you with further information so you make an informed, safe and effective choice.

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