Jumping into Fitness 2

Second in a two part series

Last week the fundamentals of jumping rope with two different types of ropes was featured, so take a moment to review that information prior to beginning the actual jumping rope skills/drills highlighted this week.  We will discuss three basic skills/drills with each type of jump rope.  Following the suggested progression is advised to receive the safest and most effective outcomes.  As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Jumping the Rope – Hold both handles of the classic jump rope in one hand, suspend the rope toward the floor on one side of the body.  If the handles are at arm pit height when the base of the rope is touching the floor, then you have probably chosen a good length for your body.

-Prior to beginning to jump the rope, attempt small jumps with both feet, landing on the balls of the feet, establishing a rhythm so that the rope will hit the ground on the down beat (i.e. 1, 2, 1, 2, etc.).

-Now that you feel comfortable with the small rhythmic jumping skill, hold the handles of a classic jump rope in each hand, so that the base of the rope is behind your heels.  As you perform the small jumps rehearsed above, turn the rope handles from the wrist with the upper arms close to the torso avoiding movement from the shoulder joint bringing the rope over the head, under the feet and back.

-Concentrate on the rhythm of the rope hitting the floor and attempt to keep the pace quick and efficient rather than slow as you are less likely to trip on the rope with a quicker rhythm.

Jumping the Air Rope 

-Since there is no rope base to contend with, if you are unable to manage a jumping action described above, you may turn the rope just as you were utilizing a classic rope and either march, walk with knees up, step touch, double step touch, move forward/backward, etc. with the air rope.  However, if you are able to jump, perform the same skill described with the classic rope.

One Foot at a Time (similar to skipping the rope)

-With the classic rope, transfer the body weight from one foot to the other, creating the “one foot at a time” skill.  The rhythm again is important.  Think one-two, one-two which is the quick version or you may modify the tempo to a two-two tempo, two beats on one foot, and then two on the other.

-The rope is moving through the range of motion continuously.  If you do step or trip on the rope, just begin again, perhaps without the rope practicing the shifting of body weight, then adding the rope in again.

-This exact same skill may be performed with the Air Rope.

Run the Rope

-Just as it sounds, you will perform a running skill while rotating the rope.  Knees may be low to start and then higher as you master the skill.  This is a great skill for both the classic rope and Air Rope.

Interval Drill

-Perform each skill for 15 seconds, followed by a 45 second active recovery interval.  Then, repeat the three skills again several times through.

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