Making a Financial Investment in Your Fitness Level

There are few financial investments you will make during your lifetime that will substantially change your life in the same way a sound investment into your fitness level will yield. While economics are individual, there are virtually endless investment possibilities when investing in your fitness level which may address your specific needs both physically and financially.

There may be times when you are making these fitness investments that you question the expenditures, but consider the following reasons when either on the fence about the initial investment or continuing to invest over your lifetime. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Reason #1 When making any investment, we need to know there is a return on that investment (ROI) and with fitness investments, it should be evident. You have many fitness components to quantify such as body weight, body composition, mobilization abilities, significant postural/structural considerations which impact long term balance and stability, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and quality of life.

Reason #2 Speaking of quality of life—achieving and maintaining an excellent fitness level directly impacts the quality of your life. And, adding to the positive quality of your life, is money in your fitness bank! Are you able to do what you want to, within reason, physically? If not, now may be the time to take a leap and invest. How much is your quality of life worth to you? You have to assess what you are able to invest and then proceed accordingly. There are options for every segment along the investment spectrum and an investment strategy for everyone, so if your wallet is a little light at the moment, sit down with your fitness professional and discuss the options—we make every effort to address your fitness and financial needs.

Reason #3 Think of the future and consider the slippery slope of fitness. Consistency, as is often mentioned in this column is tantamount. Once you have invested, then making the day-to-day commitment to your fitness level is key so that the funds you have allotted are paying big dividends. And, with consistent performance of your fitness program combined with a dietary program which is based upon sound nutritional principles and adhered to over time, you have all of the ingredients to succeed, for life.

Reason #4 There may be times when you are ill or injured and this naturally may create challenges with consistency and this may lead to you questioning your investment. Again, chat with your fitness professional about these challenges so that you, as a team, may make the right decision for this time in your life. This will protect your investment and keep you committed to progressing when appropriate.

Reason #5 While not true across the board, often making the financial investment keeps you accountable. You may be tempted to miss your workout or training session, but when your hard earned dollars are on the line, this may be an impetus to keep your appointment and follow through. And, that is how investments work. You invest, track your outcomes, continue progressively improving and before you know it, economics make complete sense because you have a fit body and great quality of life.

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