Meet Nate Mentzer ~ our newest Manager On Duty

Nate is our newest Manager On Duty with a deep resume in the fitness field. Nate is both a Certified Personal Trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist both certifications with NASM.  Nate says he is in the fitness business because “the body is an amazing piece of machinery.” 

Nate shared his personal story of being over 300 pounds when he began taking his fitness seriously.  He started his journey by adding running and playing football to his activities. He started training with local firefighters, began eating better, and stopped playing video games.  Once he was hooked, he began talking to coaches, read fitness magazines, increased his nutrition knowledge and even started looking at cookbooks.  His passion grew as he became an inspiration for others and felt he had found his purpose.

Nate began his fitness industry career working as a salesman and installer for a fitness equipment company.  He quickly began to dream of becoming a certified personal trainer.  Even before becoming certified, Nate contributed to the wellness of those he cares for. He is proud to share that he helped his mom manage diabetes with diet and nutrition adjustments!

Nate took his certifications to the next level obtaining the Corrective Exercise Specialist certification.  That certification allows him to work with clients on injury rehabilitation as well as correcting muscle imbalances. It typically incorporates myofascial release and is a slow and steady focused training methodology that builds strength to injured and surrounding areas while protecting against re-injury.

Nate describes himself as “a goofy guy” who loves making people laugh and who embraces his kooky side! The mottos he lives by are:

“Be prepared” and “Iron in my hands – metal in my soul” – this refers to his passion for weightlifting and metal music. 

His favorite things to cook/eat are grilled steak and a family recipe of Czech Potato Soup.  He loves to hike, kayak, and climb trees. If you’re wondering, he is also brother to our longtime member and MLF Ambassador; Nick Mentzer.

Please say hi to Nate and welcome him to our MLF family both while he’s on duty as an MOD and when he’s out on the fitness floor training.

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  1. Twyla Smith on April 22, 2020 at 9:19 am

    Good looking trainer! I would definitely join this group! I heard he is tall, fun to work with as well as very knowledgeable. See you soon!!!!
    Twyla Smith ?

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