Meet our newest Trainer ~ Mackenzie Brenneman

If you have not yet met Mackenzie – you want to!  She is our newest trainer and is always here with a huge smile and vibrant energy to support and inspire your workout.

Mackenzie holds a Personal Trainer Certification through the American Council on Exercise. She currently teaches Weight Training Circuit and Short Circuit group exercise classes and is available for Personal Training. Mackenzie works with clients from the person who is new to fitness and wants one on one service in learning good form, selecting exercises appropriate to your level of fitness, and guidance on how to be fit for life all the way to the person who is already a fitness and activity nut but who wants to more fully integrate and specialize their fitness routine to support improved performance in their athletic and life activities.

Mackenzie shared that what motivates her to be a personal trainer is that she wants others to experience the confidence that living a healthy lifestyle inspires. She enjoys helping people find their passion for an active and healthy life.  She first came to MLF in 2014 and after talking with Kendra and Jackie about her passion for fitness, they saw that she would be great at it and urged her to consider a career as a trainer. Mackenzie dove in!

When asked what made her join the MLF team, Mackenzie shared that she believes MLF is “greater than just a fitness facility.  It’s a family and it makes you feel that you are part of something. You truly get to know people and it’s a great place to make new friends.”  She declared that she believes Jackie runs a “high end business.”

Mackenzie’s biggest challenge with her own fitness routine is carving the time to meet her personal goals. She notes that it requires a dedication to self and that it’s important to her to find balance between her passion to help others and her personal fitness goals.  The most inspiring thing about fitness to Mackenzie is the bonus that “dedicating part of your life to physical fitness gives you a confidence to achieve more than you ever thought possible” and she adds “this applies to every aspect of your life!”

In her spare time, Mackenzie loves to backcountry ski, horseback ride, backpack, mountain bike ride and to save lives as a member of the Grand County Search and Rescue team.  Wow, this girl is a firecracker!

We are blessed to have Mackenzie on the MLF team and encourage you to take one of her classes, chat with her about how she can support your goals or simply ask her about some of the cool things she does when she’s not challenging you to push yourself!

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