Is Our MLF Pilates Reformer Program Right For You?

By: Carol Prendergast
Peak Pilates® Certified Instructor

Are you an experienced athlete or Olympic/Power lifter looking for improved core strength and increased flexibility? Or, are you just at beginning your fitness journey seeking to try something new? Then, consider beginning a Pilates reformer program which may be uniquely designed and tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Pilates reformer apparatus was invented by Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates over 90 years ago. It is a bed-like frame with a flat platform referred to as a carriage. There are changeable springs to regulate the tension and amount of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame. Cables, bars, straps and pulleys allow exercises to be performed in lying, kneeling, sitting, and standing positions. The reformer is a versatile piece of exercise equipment, unique in its design and program purpose.

A well-designed reformer program promotes lengthening, improvement in muscular strength, coordination, flexibility, stability, mobility and balance. This translates into improvements in posture, biomechanical movement efficiency and for many, possible relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as lower back pain. The mind and body connection which occurs when training on the reformer not only may improve your performance in the heat of athletic competition but may also be realized at home in activities of daily living (ADL).

Are you ready to step up to reformer training? If so, or you have questions, please stop by the reception desk or give us a call at 970-887-1122. Our MLF Pilates Apparatus (reformer) small group training program (SGT) is structured to train small groups of three or we also offer personal training on the reformer. Both of these services are offered outside of membership. Consequently, these session-based fee programs may be registered for and attended by members and non-members.

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