Mountain Climbers Three Ways

The mountain climber exercise is an excellent total body nose to core exercise. The entire body
becomes involved in this exercise due to the body’s position in relationship to ground forces and it may
be performed with, or without any equipment. However, this week three variations including one
without equipment, will be highlighted. Add these exercises to your fitness repertoire and you may
experience a stronger core from nose to toes! As always, prior to beginning any exercise program,
please consult your physician.

*For all three variations, begin with the head/neck in neutral, shoulders rotated back/down, rib cage
lifted off the waistline, navel pulled toward the spine, pelvic floor pulled in and upward. It is imperative
to avoid allowing the lumbar spine to hyperextend or excessive stress or movement in the shoulder
girdle. So, be meticulous with your form and master the first version before progressing.

Mountain Climber #1 – no equipment required
-Begin in a full plank position from the floor with the wrists under the shoulders, legs approximately
shoulder distance apart and the toes tucked under. The top of the head to the heels should be straight
as an arrow without the hips “tenting” upward toward the ceiling or the body “sinking” into the
shoulder girdle.
-Without raising the hips, maintaining the plank position throughout, draw the right knee toward the
chest; put it back into the plank position followed by left knee-alternating R/L for 30 seconds.
-Take a 15 second active recovery break and repeat this sequence again for 30 seconds. The tempo of
this particular version is slow and one foot should always be in contact with the floor.

Mountain Climber #2 – 12-inch step platform and Gliding Discs
-Begin in the same position as #1 however; you will be placing your hands on the top of the 12-inch step
-Place one disc under each foot, with just the ball of the foot on the disc and the heels elevated
-Keeping the plank position maintained throughout, “run” the hill (i.e. one knee in then the other,
neither foot is ever off the floor, just gliding in and out toward the chest).
-The tempo of this variation is quick. Perform for 30 seconds. Take a 15 second active recovery break
and repeat.

Mountain Climber #3 – BOSU Balance Trainer
-Flip the BOSU onto the dome side so that the flat bottom is facing upward.

-Begin in the plank position as described in #1; however, you will have your hands on the handles on the
flat side of the BOSU.
-This variation requires some impact, so you will be “running” the hill (i.e. one knee in as the other leg
extends, shifting quickly from one side to the other –this actually looks like a high-knee run).
-This variation is very quick, very high intensity.
-Perform for 30 seconds, followed by a 15-second active recovery break and repeat.
You may choose one of these variations and perform it two-three times in a row as described, or
perform it once through in a larger circuit returning to that variation once or twice during the circuit.
Another option is to perform each one of the variations once through beginning with option one as a
“warm-up” for the other variations!

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