Mountain Life Fitness proudly presents Our “Mountain Row” Small Group Training Program

Under the expert instruction of Dani, one of our amazing certified personal trainers/coaches, this small group training (SGT) program is a smart workout performed on the water rower—negligible impact and form-centric to reduce the risk of injury while performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT), alternating bursts of extreme activity with recovery intervals which concentrate on increasing aerobic capacity and efficiency.

Rowing is the central focus of this program because it may reduce the force other cardio programs place upon your joints while still providing the maximum caloric expenditure. Each stroke on the row machine works 85% of your muscles for a true total body workout. By combining rowing with complimentary muscular strength training exercise intervals off the rower, this program does it all—head to toes!

The program structure is as follows:

  • Pre-registration for this Program is required. Day/Time/Location – Fridays from 9:15-10:15AM in the large group exercise room.
  • Program Pilot Launch – Friday, August 20th, then meets on Monday, August 23rd just that one week due to scheduling requirements, followed by Friday, September 3rd and Friday, September 10th, 2021. *The hope is to offer the program regularly in four-week sessions on Fridays at 9:15AM-10:15AM going forward.
  • Three clients/members per session (i.e., we have three available water rowers and one on the fitness floor for Dani as she must coach from the rower). Therefore, registration is required.
  • Cost – the client/member pays for a 4-week session initially, once/week. Payment is in full each 4-week session, paid up front and the Pilot Launch cost is $120.00 for the first 4-week session. *After the first Pilot Launch session, the cost will increase to $160.00 for subsequent 4-week sessions.
  • What if you need to cancel? We will consider these issues on a case-by-case basis. In our SGT Reformer Program, once the program was implemented, we were able to be a little more flexible. However, those clients do pay once a month for the 4-week session and if they need to cancel, we attempt to reschedule their session when possible. As always, we strive to accommodate our clients’ and members’ needs!

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