Power Training Circuit Challenge, Part 2

(Second in a two-part series)

Last week the Power Training Circuit Challenge program was described and this week the circuit stations will be detailed, enabling you to take-out this program and perform it today. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

The Program

Please take a moment to review the program guidelines described last week prior to beginning this program. A modifier will be provided for each station if you are unable to safely/effectively perform the featured drill. Master the modifier, then attempt the featured drill if possible.

Station #1: Plyometric Box Jumps – Choose a plyo box or step platform 6-12 inches in height. The taller you are, in general, the higher the box. Stand next to the box with the right leg facing the side of the box, squat downward, then explode upward and onto the box with both feet landing simultaneously. Walk back off the box and repeat for 30 seconds, then perform on the opposite side. Modifier: Step touch onto and off the box eventually adding propulsive movements to create more of a “jump,” but still landing one foot at a time. Then, walk off the box and repeat for 30 seconds, 15 second recovery break and perform on the opposite side.

Station #2: Medicine Ball Throws – Holding a 4- to 20-pound medicine ball, stand with the feet shoulder distance apart, taking the ball over the head and then throwing it forcibly to the floor. Choose a medicine ball that will bounce so that you catch it on the up phase and repeat the drill for 30 seconds, take 15 second recovery break and repeat again. Modifier: Either choose a very light ball or try with a basketball or volleyball. The purpose of this drill is to require extensive core engagement, bracing the body as the ball returns upward.

Station #3: Mountain Climber Pushups – Begin kneeling down on the floor on hands/knees. Place the body into a full plank position and perform 8 pushups followed by 8 mountain climbers. These are performed quick and explosive for 30 seconds, 15 second recovery break and then repeat. Modifier: You may perform the pushups from the knees and then press up into a full plank for the mountain climbers. *Note: A mountain climber is a knees-into-chest, alternating movement that requires you to keep your body in a plank and not permit the hips to elevate.

Station #4: Kettlebell Stair Sprints – Holding two, 5- to 20-pound kettlebells, one in each hand, sprint up and down a set of stairs, preferably 8-10 steps and repeat for 75 seconds, no break. Modifier: Perform the stair sprints without kettlebells.

Station #5: Kettlebell Squat Swings – Holding one, 5- to 20-pound kettlebell, in both hands with the palms facing the thighs, squat back and swing the kettlebell between the legs, then explode out of the downward phase of the squat and swing the kettlebell to shoulder height or above. Perform for 30 seconds, 15 second recovery break and then repeat. Allow the kettle to swing in the hands; however, be cautious when the kettlebell becomes heavier the handle becomes thicker and may not swing as easily. Modifier: Choose a light kettlebell and only swing to shoulder height.

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