Redesigning Your Body

Are you happy with your body? This is question that is almost always answered with a resounding “no” by our clientele. Then, we investigate, doing a little detective work, to see where the issues lie and formulate a redesign plan. Whether for pure function or aesthetics, and most likely a combination of the two, you can redesign your body. There are a few practical guidelines that may be continually applied throughout your life to redesign how your body functions and how it looks. *It is important to know that your structure cannot be changed!

We always strive to concentrate on functionality first, regardless of what the client’s goals may be because one does have to function foundationally before the redesign process may begin. However, regardless where you may be along the fitness journey, follow these suggestions to redesign your body now! As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Redesign Guideline #1 Change it up! While we do need structure and consistency, modifications, even small ones, may make a huge difference in how your body functions and appears. You may change the reps, sets, action, rate, direction, position, environment, height, driver, distance and load. I would recommend changing one aspect at a time and allowing the body to be stressed and adapt before modifying further. Keep records of your changes so that you know what you did, when you did it and what the outcome was so that you may scientifically assess your progress.

Redesign Guideline #2 Flip your days! Yes, redesign may be as simple as changing the days/times that you are working out. This stimulates the body toward change and provides the mind with a new adaptation pattern to manage.

Redesign Guideline #3 Use equipment that you have never tried before! Instead of always training with dumbbells, use barbells instead or a TRX Suspension System. Your body must move in a different pattern even if the muscle group being addressed is the same. For example, training with dumbbells requires a different level of stability at the joints than with a barbell which requires a different set of movement patterns and may permit you to increase your load.

Redesign Guideline #4 Seek out professional guidance and coaching! This is a huge step as you are now attempting to consult the experts on exercise. Provide them with a template of the program you have been performing and allow them to redesign this program following a goals/objectives consultation and functional movement screen. Often, it is this single step that may completely transform your body, functionally and aesthetically.

Redesign Guideline #5 Seek out professional nutritional guidance and coaching! Your body must be physically challenged and exercised regularly, both for health and fitness. However, if you are over inputting empty calories, such as simple sugars, or just inputting too great a quantity of nutrients, you have little chance of achieving a redesigned body. What we feed our bodies has an enormous impact on how we look and feel. Every muscle in your body requires proper nutrition to perform optimally. In the correct quality and quantity, the food we input, combined with an effective exercise program, may redesign our entire body and mind.

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