The Secret Fitness Formula

The “secret” fitness formula really is no secret. Most individuals that observe healthier and fitter individuals than themselves, might like to think there is a secret. However, there is no magic to becoming fit. It is tough, hard work and those that put in the work, tend to achieve the results. And, while we learn more everyday about how individuals respond uniquely to fitness programs, there are fundamentals that work for the vast majority of our clients. And, that “secret” formula of fundamentals, is performing consistent exercise programs which are properly prescribed and designed for the individual, leading to adaptation followed by progression. And, progress is what may lead to maintaining lifetime fitness levels.

Application of these four fundamentals combined with your commitment to the work in the “workout” is the most desirable approach to attaining an optimal fitness level for you. As always, prior to beginning an exercise program, please consult your physician.

-Fundamental #1 As mentioned above, do check in with your physician particularly if you are new to exercise. Once it is confirmed that it is safe for you to exercise, then begin this journey by consulting fitness professionals so that you begin your journey the way you want to end it up—safe, injury-free and fit.

-Fundamental #2 From the beginning, be completely honest with yourself about the commitment you are willing to make for the long haul. While short term goals are also important, how realistic you are about the long haul is critical to the success of this fitness formula. Many times clients miss two or three workouts a week often because they have played too hard on their off days and either end up sick or injured leading to inconsistency. And, after 32 years in this business, it is my belief that consistency is critical to maintaining lifelong fitness. Exercising more days per week than not and, more days than not, you are consistently consuming a nutritionally sound diet of the proper content both in terms of macro and micro nutrients as well as portions.

-Fundamental #3 Once you have become consistent with your program, then it is time to concentrate on the stress and adaptation concept which is the progressive overload principle. You must physically and safely stress the body enough, then provide it with adequate time to adapt, and then stress it again in order to progress. And, avoid performing the same program for months or years at a time as your body adapts and if not stressed properly, it may plateau and then even begin to lose fitness. It is a pretty safe bet that individuals who are fit, follow the progressive overload principle consistently, work hard consistently and that combination is primarily why they are fit.

-Fundamental #4 Avoid any quick fixes whether these arise from the dietary elements or the exercise components. You know intuitively that quick fixes rarely work for the long haul. Long, continued fitness success arises from consistency, followed by adaptation then progression—and, then repeat. And, once you have experienced the benefits of this process, you are more likely to apply this formula throughout your life enjoying a lifetime of fitness.

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