Six Weeks of Fitness Matters

Six weeks of fitness does matter! That is approximately the time left in 2017 and if you will take on the challenge of making positive, life changing steps within this remaining six weeks, you may be able to begin 2018 on the right track to success. Waiting until the ball drops in Times Square at midnight on January 1st, rarely works as an effective strategy for making long-term positive changes in your fitness level.
Now is the time for change—today! And, small proactive changes accumulate creating significant changes in your fitness level. It is rare that a huge change, which occurs all at once, lasts. It is often too much for the mind and body to manage for the long haul and so, bit by bit, that huge change begins to dwindle leading to defeat.

This week, take a moment to consider some of the following common thought processes leading to either putting off or simply not taking action on at all, and excellent mind-changing methods of taking the road less traveled toward lifelong fitness—not to mention feeling better than you have ever experienced entering the New Year! As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please contact your physician.

Excuse #1 You are working out several hours a week and feel that you should be able to eat and drink whatever you choose because you “deserve” it. Unfortunately, most cannot eat and drink whatever they choose and still achieve their desired fitness goals sustaining those goals throughout life. Working out regularly does not permit consistent overindulgence. You cannot out train a poor eating regimen. Eat well, within reasonable portions for your body, workout consistently and see the results.

Excuse #2 Your life is busy and you do not always have time to consistently perform your exercise program. If you are inconsistent, so are your results. If you truly want to reap the benefits throughout life, then you will need to commit. Ask anyone who is fit and has been fit throughout their lives and they will confirm that consistency is one of the major reasons they enjoy a great fitness level.

Excuse #3 Your spouse will not follow the same dietary regimen as you so you feel you cannot attain your goals. This is shifting the blame for your behavior onto someone else and most of us know that the only behavior we can change is our own. This does not mean you have to prepare different meals necessarily because even adjusting your portions to manageable serving sizes is an important step toward attaining your goals.

Excuse #4 You are too old to change. This one is simply untrue. Anyone may change at any time within reason throughout life. We have clients in every age group that are fit as a fiddle.

Excuse #5 You have experienced injuries or illnesses that may prohibit exercise and eating healthy. While there may be a small percentage of folks that this applies to, the majority of individuals are able to train around injuries and many illnesses as well. One of my long-time clients has had multiple catastrophic injuries (outside of the club!) and while we always follow their physician’s guidance, we train around those issues and they continue to persevere.

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