Summer Eating From A-Z

While not quite here, it is a great time to think about what wonderful summer foods await us in the next few months. 

Once here, then enjoy all of the delicious summer foods by following the summer eating from A-Z guidelines!

A – Make applesauce from scratch, chill it and then serve it with a healthy entrée—delicious!

B- Blend your favorite veggies or fruits for a delicious, fresh, healthy shake!

C- Crepes, when made on the light-side, may be combined with veggies or fruit—wonderful for a warm summer evening.

D- Diversify—be creative and shake up your current regimen to include a plethora of summer produce.

E – Easy – keep it easy – purchase everything you need for the week, prepare it and then chow down.

F- Think fresh!  Everything fresh from the garden.

G – Grill it!  Veggies, chicken, fish, lean cuts of meat/pork – clean the grill and safely prepare.

H – Hydrate!  Hyper hydrate before workouts or long endurance outdoor activities, then sip throughout the workout/activity and hyper hydrate following the workout/activity.  *If your urine clear to pale yellow you are probably doing a decent job hydrating but if it is yellow and beyond, pump up your water intake.   

  I – Ice it or freeze it.  There are many foods which may be frozen and there are many pre-packaged organic and natural foods which are very convenient particularly if you are having a large group for a summer meal. 

J – Juice it!  While shakes are great, so is a delicious glass of freshly blended juice.  Do keep in mind that pure fruit juice may be high in calories, so watch your serving sizes.

K – Keep it light and easy to digest so you can play!      

L – Lettuce experimentation—broaden your horizons by adding dark, green leafy lettuce options which may not be your regular fare.

M – Marinate to tenderize and add flavor to just about any food that you would like to grill, bake, sauté or broil but keep the marinade light.

N – Nutritional science is still evolving.  Choose peer-reviewed, vetted research that has been performed by those without a “dog in the fight”.0

O – Organic, but just think about your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

P – Picnic – pull together a simple, organic meal, find that perfect spot in the shade and enjoy.

Q –Try quinoa with veggies and enjoy the cancer-fighting benefits this summer and beyond.

R – Red peppers, yellow and green peppers are delightful when combined with a kabob on the grill.

S – Seafood, such as shrimp, is also a great addition to a kabob – get the kids involved in creating their own kabob!

T – Teaspoons rather than tablespoons of the extras such as mayonnaise.

U – Undercooking—avoid this pitfall of grilling.

V – Veggie wraps are excellent for picnics.  Just pack each item separately so that when you are ready to eat, the wrap will not be soggy.

W – Whole foods.  Just choose whole foods and consume reasonable portions.

X – Xiphoid Process—avoid indigestion around the breastbone by pacing yourself during all summer meals.

Y – Yogurt is an ideal choice to replace some sides and condiments and is usually an excellent source of protein.

Z – Zip lock bags are great for storing fruit and veggies for consumption later.  Carrots, strawberries, blueberries and cantaloupe are all excellent choices for zip lock storage and you may be able to reuse the bags for future preparation.

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