Team Work Circuit

There are dozens of circuit training designs available to fit just about any fitness level.  And, the “team work circuit” that is highlighted this week is one of those designs which features three, teams of two clients performing three, 3-station circuits.  It is fun to work in teams, creative and challenging and takes approximately 20 minutes once the teams are assembled and understand the circuit set-up concept.

The team work circuit design and process will be described this week and then next week, all of the exercises will be detailed for you to utilize with your team.  The equipment needed will include two kettlebells, two TRX Suspension Systems, and two stability balls.  Each one of these fitness tools will be the focus of each one of the 3-station circuits.  If you do not have access to kettlebells, dumbbells may be substituted, if you do not have two TRX Suspension Systems, then you may use resistive tubing and body weight and if you do not have two stability balls, then alternatives will be provided utilizing body weight only. 

The team work circuit may be performed two-three non-consecutive days/week following a thorough warm-up elevating your ratings of perceived exertion to a one-two which is very light to light exertion.  The program is designed for high intensity interval training (i.e. HIIT); therefore, it is expected that ratings of perceived exertion between a 5-8, which is hard to very hard, will be experienced.  However, you may certainly perform this program at a lower intensity.  As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Team Work Circuit – 20’ – Each station within each three-station circuit is performed for 30 seconds by each of the two person teams.  So, two clients are performing each station within the three-station circuit simultaneously. All three stations are completed, and then repeated again.  Once each of the three-stations within each circuit is completed twice, each team moves on to the next circuit.  The goal is to perform the entire team work circuit two-three times through.  A one minute break will be provided between rounds for each team.

Team Work Circuit Terminology

Teamwork Circuit – is the entire three-station, three circuits program

Circuit 1, 2 and 3 – are the three distinct segments which include three-stations, 30 seconds each

Stations – are the specific exercises within each of the individual three circuits

Rounds – literally means the teamwork circuit performed in its entirety

Breaks – one-minute breaks occur between rounds (i.e. between teamwork circuit round one and teamwork circuit round two, etc.)

Circuit #1

Station 1: Kettlebell squat/swings – 30 seconds

Station 2: Kettlebell goblet squats – 30 seconds

Station 3: Kettlebell knee squat lateral swings – 30 seconds

Repeat twice through with no breaks between stations.

Circuit #2

Station 1: TRX triceps press outs – 30 seconds

Station 2: TRX supine hip extensions – 30 seconds

Station 3: TRX inverted rows – 30 seconds

Repeat twice through with no breaks between stations.

Circuit #3

Station 1: Knee tucks – stability ball – 30 seconds

Station 2: Pushups – stability ball – 30 seconds

Station 3: Supine roll ups – stability ball – 30 seconds

Repeat twice through with no breaks between stations.

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