Ten Fall Fitness Strategies

It is hard to believe that fall is here and that the holiday season and winter sport’s months are almost
upon us. However, it is an ideal time to sit down and revamp your fitness plan for the rest of this year
and into 2019.
Therefore, apply the ten fall fitness strategies highlighted below to set the stage for an incredible fall training season, a less stressful, more enjoyable holiday season and the best entry into a new year that you have ever experienced. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Ten Fall Fitness Strategies

Strategy One – Plan your fitness program out in writing for the next six months. Break it down into
daily, weekly and monthly segments (i.e. micro/meso/macro) considering what activities you would like
to participate in (i.e. skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice skating during the winter and
preparation for cycling/running come spring) and how proficient you would like to be at those activities,
what body composition you would like to attain (i.e. lean to fat ratio), and how you would like to feel
prior to and following the holiday season (i.e. able to wear your favorite clothes now and into 2019).

Strategy Two – If weight loss is a goal, then start today by finding 100kcal that you could live without
and eliminate those calories from your eating regimen. In one year, all other things being equal and no
additions made, you may drop ten pounds from that one small change (i.e. 100kcal/day equals
approximately ten pounds/year). If you have been considering beginning an exercise program, do it
today. Do not delay. You have seven weeks until Thanksgiving and you could potentially be well on
your way to a terrific fitness level in seven weeks. Move It!

Strategy Three – Speaking of moving it, move it every day. If it is not possible to be outdoors, then walk
up the stairs in your home or around the house, five minutes, five times a day. *Challenge – following a
five-minute warm-up, perform ten repetitions of high/low rows with resistive tubing or from a multi-
gym; ten repetitions of squats followed by ten repetitions of pushups, for ten sets, two/three
times/week on non-consecutive days.

Strategy Four– Incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) into your fitness program. Not only may
you expend more calories and more fat, but you will train the body for power which begins to diminish
as we age. Power is essential throughout our lives. It is the combination of strength and speed,
allowing us to move with confidence and control.

Strategy Five – Contact a registered dietician and have them develop a dietary plan specifically for you.

Strategy Six – Encourage your friends and families to become involved in your quest, and surround
yourself with others that will encourage and empower you to reach your fitness goals. Avoid negative

Strategy Seven – Meditate daily, enrich your soul and spirit and read inspirational and educational
information. Feed your mind and that will in turn feed your body.

Strategy Eight – Determine what is holding you back from reaching your full fitness potential and make
the necessary positive changes to achieve your potential.

Strategy Nine – Optimal fitness takes time–it is a marathon, not a sprint; therefore, be patient.

Strategy Ten – Be accountable.

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