Ten holiday fitness gifts

One of the best gifts anyone can receive during the holidays is the gift of fitness. Whether this comes in the form of a club membership, fitness tools to use at home to supplement your exercise program, massage therapy session or a series of personal training sessions to kick start your program, consider these as outstanding gifts that give all year long.

Ask your loved ones to create a holiday fitness gift list this year. You can place a limit on the cost ceiling and still manage to give terrific fitness gifts. This week, we will highlight several fitness gifts ranging in price from $6 to $150. The holiday gifts featured may fit into any holiday gift budget whether big or small. What matters the most is that you are giving the gift of fitness which is invaluable. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program please consult your physician.

• Resistive Tubing – is a great gift for in-home and travel exercise programs and you may purchase one or several different gauges of tubing from as little as $6. *Great stocking stuffer!

• Yoga Mat – travels well and these are easy to find for $10 to $15.

• Stability Ball – these come in sizes ranging from 35cm to 75cm and I always recommend the 65cm version as a middle-of-the-road option. The cost will vary; however, a good quality ball will run from $35 to $45.

• Dumbbells – good quality dumbbells are priced based upon weight increment (i.e. the greater the increment, the more costly the dumbbell set). A set of 5 pound dumbbells may run $15 to $20 and then each pound will add cost. The heavy dumbbells, which usually begin at 15 pounds and up, are priced individually, so make certain that you purchase a full set.

• Club Membership Gift Certificate – of course this varies depending upon the club; however, you may opt to just purchase the gift certificate and place an amount that works for your budget which may be used towards a full or partial club membership. Discuss this option with the manager/owner of the club to confirm you understand specifically what you are purchasing and how it may be utilized at that club.

• Personal Training Session Gift Certificate – this is a great gift for someone who wants to begin an exercise program and requires supervision and structure. However, someone who is a regular exerciser would benefit from this gift as well. The cost is based upon the specific club or personal trainer, however many sessions run from $40 to $100.

• Massage Therapy Session Gift Certificate – these gift certificates will run from $30 to $150 depending upon the type of massage and duration — wonderful gift!

Step Platform – a good quality step is approximately $100; however, it is well worth it. Steps are one of the most versatile fitness tools that we use in this business.

BOSU Balance Trainer – also a great fitness tool and priced around $105.

Heart Rate Monitors – there are dozens of versions of monitors available now and it really depends upon how tech-savvy the recipient may be. Some may just work better with a simple monitor and others may wish to have downloadable functions. Give one that they will actually use! There are good monitors for a little as $60 up to hundreds of dollars.

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