The Mountain Life Fitness February Heart Month Challenge – Week 3

The heart muscle needs to be positively stressed regularly. Since this is Heart Month, it is a great time to challenge the health of the heart (always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program).

Follow the Heart Month Challenge for the remainder of February. New concentrations will be added each week that focus on a specific aspect of heart health and by the time March rolls around, you may experience increased energy levels throughout each day (i.e., improved stamina), the ability to sprint up the stairs and not be winded for more than a few seconds, more efficient with your movement patterns as you “feel” more like exerting! What an outstanding set of outcomes to experience and all with just a few minutes a day!

WEEK OF THE 8thWalk Everywhere with purpose and intention!  No strolling this week! Increase the length of your stride, pump your arms front/back (not to the side—pump in the sagittal plane) and keep your posture erect—tall and proud. Begin with walking with purpose around the house and weather permitting, and your Yak Trax on, get outside and push your limits—get a little winded—recover and push again (i.e., 30 seconds all out; 30 seconds of active recovery—repeat 10x)

WEEK OF THE 15thRun Upstairs when possible or at least move quickly up the stairs – try going up and down 10x a day!

WEEK OF THE 22ndPick Your Knees Up! If you are a runner, increase the range of motion from the hip joints as this is your axis of power! If you are a walker, then do the same—be acutely aware of exerting. Try one minute of high knee run/walk and one minute of your regular stride and work up to 15 minutes on 2-3 non-consecutive days/week!

(check back in a week for the final concentration)

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