Time management = fitness results

We are all busy people today. And, consequently, there are limited hours in the day to devote to our health and fitness programs.

However, the busiest clients I have make time for their health and fitness programs and as a result are some of the most consistent regarding their program adherence. They schedule their workouts just like they schedule important business meetings and doctor’s appointments and are as regular at their workouts as they are at brushing their teeth in the morning.

They manage their time efficiently and effectively and they tend to experience excellent health and fitness benefits as a result. If you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your exercise consistency, perhaps following a few of these time management tips from those who successfully adhere to their exercise programs may help you do the same. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program please consult your physician.

Tip 1: Always schedule your workouts. It should be in your day planner just like any other appointment that you cannot miss.

Tip 2: And, if an important meeting which was previously unscheduled and cannot be missed gets in the way, immediately search for a fitness plan B to take the place of your plan A.

Tip 3: Additionally, adhering to the “a little bit is better than nothing” approach is helpful so that when the day is not cooperating with plan A, you will still manage to get in and get your workouts even if for only for 15-30 minutes that day. When you find out there is an emergency meeting or an appointment has been changed, those changes are immediately recorded in your planner and you choose to workout over your lunch hour and eat at your desk to make certain you get that workout in that day.

Tip 4: Clearly, fitness must become a priority. It needs to consistently rank high on your list of life’s priorities. And, beware of those individuals who are not adhering regularly to a fitness program as they may be the culprits that attempt to deter you from your fitness priorities by encouraging you to miss your workouts. Remember, if these individuals really care about you and your health, they will support you on your fitness journey and understand that this is a priority. If they are asking you to come out for a drink after work, just say you will meet them after your workout and stick to your plan.

Tip 5: Be realistic about your workout schedule so that you are set up for success. Often, those that are successful will schedule three-four days/week for their workout program. However, they will frequently add another day when the week is being cooperative so that they continue to improve and to also prepare for those inevitable weeks when life is not being so kind. You cannot store fitness but this strategy works over time.

Tip 6: Feet on the ground! This is an effective strategy, particularly for those of us that have to rise extremely early in the morning, to just get your feet on the ground and go. Get your clothes ready the night before, packed in your gym bag, your lunch prepared and your “fitness ducks in a row” every day.

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