Torch Those Calories with a Three by Three

If time is in short supply, try this Three by Three exercise program that may be performed just about anywhere and, when performed as described, takes only 21 minutes (i.e. 18’ exertion/3’ active recovery) to complete!  Perform the program two/three times/week on non-consecutive days.   As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

-For all positions, head/neck are a natural extension of the spine, shoulders rotated back/down, rib cage lifted, navel pulled toward the spine, pelvic floor pulled up/in, and knees relaxed.

Three by Three Warm-up – Repeat these three exercises three times each in succession:

-Bird Dog – kneeling, right arm/left leg, then repeat to the other sides – 12x each side.

-Glute Bridge – supine, lifting hips toward the ceiling and hold 15 seconds, 2x.

-Squats – sitting the hips back as though you are sitting into a chair; weight in the heels; torso elevated throughout, then return to the standing position and repeat 12x.

Circuits – perform each circuit three times through followed by a 60 second break between circuits.

 Circuit One – three times through – 120 seconds each circuit – no break between rounds

Station #1             Goblet Squats – performed with a kettlebell or dumbbell – moderate to heavy load – as you squat, hold the kettlebell or dumbbell up by the chest as though you were going to “drink” from a goblet -30 seconds.

Station #2             Pushups – modified or full or from an elevated stable surface – 30 seconds.

Station #3             Side Bridge – modified from the elbow bottom knee down or up; or full bridge with legs staggered or stacked – both sides – 30 seconds each.

Circuit Two – three times through – 120 seconds each circuit – no break between rounds

Station #1             Jumping Jacks – classic high impact or low impact, tapping feet out to the sides, right/left arms following – 30 seconds.

Station #2             Triceps Pushdowns w/back lunge – tubing tethered – moderate gauge tubing tethered to a stable anchor above the head, facing anchor – one hand on top of the other inside both handles, arms by the sides of the torso, arm pits closed, elbows flexed 90 degrees; place a gliding disc (or paper plate) under the right foot, allowing the right leg to “lunge (glide)” back, back heel elevated, body weight predominately in the front heel, keeping the front knee over the front heel as you push the arms down from the elbow joint to full extension/repeat – 30 seconds/repeat other leg 30 seconds.

Station #3             Mountain Climbers – full plank position held alternate knees in toward the chest—no piking hips toward ceiling– 30 seconds.

Circuit Three – three times through – 120 seconds each circuit – no break between rounds

Station #1             Supine leg curls – stability ball – lying supine, heels on top of the ball, ball against buttocks, lift hips toward the ceiling, hold and extend the legs out/in, curling the heels toward the buttocks – 30 seconds.

Station #2             Knee Tucks – stability ball – lying prone, abdomen on the ball, place hands on the floor, roll out until the thighs are on the ball, tuck the knees under the hips and then extend the body back out to plank/repeat – 30 seconds.

Station #3             Stationary Lunges w/rows – tubing anchored– heavy gauge tubing anchored to a stable anchor above the head facing anchor – row the arms back as you lunge down toward the floor/repeat – 30 seconds each leg.

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Mountain Life Fitness, LLC located in Granby, Colorado.  She may be reached at her website at and her email at

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