Total body step program, part 2

Last week the program guidelines were provided for the total body step program detailed this week. Please take a moment to review last week’s program guidelines before beginning this program and as always prior to beginning any exercise program please consult your physician.

Total Body Step Program

Step Interval #1: Basic right 3x, left knee 1x; repeat left lead; V-step (think out/out/in/in) right lead 8x , repeater knee 3x, travel knees 2x; repeat left lead. Repeat entire sequence 3x.

Weight Training Interval A: Full body extensions (i.e. begin in a squat position with arms at shoulder height, palms facing forward; raise up onto the balls of the feet extending legs as you press the arms into an overhead press, then return to the beginning position and repeat); perform three sets of 12 repetitions.

Step Interval #2: Repeat step interval #1 once through and then perform a step knee lunge 3x on alternating corners of the step (i.e. step with the right foot on top of the step left corner, then lift left knee, step down with the left foot on the floor and lunge back with the right foot) and travel knees 2x; repeat from the left lead. Repeat from the top once.

Weight Training Interval B: Pushups with mountain climbers from the platform; 16 mountain climbers, 12 pushups and repeat 3x.

Step Interval #3: Repeat step interval 1 and 2 from the top and then perform a travel power knee which involves creating propulsion leaving air between your lead leg and the step, corner to corner 6x followed by a repeater knee. Repeat other side and then from the top once.

Weight Training Interval C: Stationary lunges, 3 sets of 7 on each side. Stagger the legs front to back as if you are on two different railroad tracks, back heel elevated and weight in the front heel throughout, knees tracking over heels, no forward motion, straight down and up extending both legs without dropping the trailing leg heel.

Step Interval #4: Repeat step intervals 1, 2 and 3 from the top and step up onto the platform with the right lead facing the left end and perform alternating squats, quickly 5x and left knee exit to the front and then repeat on the other end of the step from the left lead.

Weight Training Interval D: Triceps dips from the top of the step, one set of 12 repetitions followed by plank from the floor for 15-30 seconds, then repeat the sequence three times through.

Step Interval #5: Repeat step intervals 1-4 from the top 4x.

Weight Training Interval E: Hip extensions from the front of the step, right foot on top and left leg will extend back as you step onto the platform, then slide into a back squat onto the left foot. Perform 3 sets of 7 each side.

Step Interval #6: Repeat step intervals 1-4 from the top 3x.

Weight Training Interval F: Side lunges alternating right and left. Body weight sinks backward when the right hip hinges and right knee flexes then switch to the opposite side. The knee never extends over the toes and the shoulders/hips/knees/toes all facing forward as you lunge right/left.

Step Interval #7: Repeat step intervals 1-4 from the top 2x

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