Train for success in 2016

The number one strategy for successful training in 2016 is to begin now. Taking action today, even a small step, toward life time physical fitness, is important. Every positive action moving forward is an important action. Therefore, do not wait. Make one small change today and this behavior pattern may lead to significant changes throughout the rest of this year, and next, leading to a healthier, happier you.

The 10 following small actions may lead to intermediate and then advanced actions throughout 2016. Just commit to even one of these suggestions and you may find yourself on the best path to health and fitness you have ever experienced. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Action #1: Sit down with your planner and schedule action—physical action, such as a walk, jog or ski/snowshoe now. Attempt to plan out one day at a time until you have developed a habit of that action.

Action #2 :Dig out your fitness shoes and other workout gear. Find the gear, try it on and determine what works and what may need to be replaced.

Action #3: Whatever fitness gear needs to be replaced, replace it today. Go on-line or to the shops, but purchase what you need immediately.

Action #4: Research the health club you have been driving by for months and find out what they offer, then ask if you could sign up for a trial membership and discuss what your specific needs and goals are with a fitness professional.

Action #5: Contact your friends and family members to see who is on board to take these fitness actions with you. Encourage them to follow steps one through three and perhaps go with you on step number four.

Action #6: Take action that will create positive results by avoiding pitfalls from the past. Determine what made you fall off track in the past and vow to stay clear of those same negative actions—no backtracking.

Action #7: Begin with “baby” steps. We know, in this business that those that bite off more than they can realistically chew rarely follow through with their fitness programs. Be honest and forthright with yourself regarding these baby steps and then, take those steps one at a time.

Action #8: Eliminate one food from your current dietary program worth 100kcal that you can easily live without today and make it a thing of the past. As mentioned in this column many times, 100kcal/day equals approximately ten pounds/year.

Action #9: Determine what you are unable or unwilling to do today and determine what is holding you back. Fear of failure is often a significant motivator to avoid change. We all fail. It is part of life. So, do not let fear take a toll. Understand that in order to move forward you may run into an issue now and then—just accept it, learn from it and move on.

Action #10: Know that establishing and maintaining excellent physical fitness and healthy dietary habits are feasible for just about everyone. We look better, feel better, are more productive, and happier and when we are feeling good about ourselves, we tend to put that positive energy force out into the universe positively impacting those around us.

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