Unleashing the champion within You!

The time is today! The time for what? Unleashing the champion within you! We all have a champion within our DNA in some way, shape, fashion or form. What is important is to recognize that a champion lies inside and secondarily, how to unleash that champion during your workouts.

This week, five methods of releasing your champion will be highlighted. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will provide you with enough information to begin the journey of releasing the champion within you. Begin today! As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Method #1 Identify what the champion within you looks and feels like. This process is not about visualizing someone else’s version of a champion or choosing a champion depicted in a magazine, website or on You Tube. It is important to create an image that you see as achievable, that is your body and soul, and then moving forward with that image in your mind.

Method #2 Once you have identified a champion within you, then begin to ask yourself if the champion within is willing and able to physically and mentally push to the edge, the brink and beyond? An important aspect of unleashing the champion is to do so without fear because you understand and commit to being honest with yourself from beginning to end. You have taken the time to dig deep within and connected with your champion, understanding and trusting your champion.

Method #3 Now that you have determined your champion is able to physically and mentally push to the edge, the brink and beyond today, be willing to unleash the champion experiencing a challenging and exciting workout. When you truly believe in yourself as the champion, you may be able to exceed your limitations and this is where the real magic happens. You do not know where your limitations are unless you are willing to push beyond—out of your comfort zone. And, when training in this manner, what may have been your previous limitation, changes over time, as your body, your champion, becomes fitter, faster and stronger.

Method #4 There is no experience quite like unleashing your champion! It is exhilarating, thrilling and is a real game changer—it truly takes your breath away. And, once you have authentically unleashed your champion, you will know how to go down that path again. You may struggle to find the champion on some days when you are distracted, tired, and stressed out. But, remember a champion also perseveres. So regardless what your training protocol is for that day, know that your champion is up for the challenge, will push you forward, and will not give in to the anxieties you are experiencing that day.

Method #5 Focus. Laser focus. A champion, regardless of capability, is able to apply surgical focus and concentration. The mental aspect of being and unleashing a champion is as important as the physical. The mind and body are inextricably linked. Therefore, wherever the mind goes, the body will follow. Unleash your champion today and throughout every workout 52 weeks a year—the benefits are infinite!

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