Unplug for Added Benefits

Unplug for Added BenefitsMany days when observing our members working on the fitness floor, they are on one of their devices, talking on the phone, texting, emailing or surfing the web. Here is a challenge for the next 30 days – unless you are expecting a critical call or text in the next hour, turn off your tech device when working out. Our group exercise clientele are strongly encouraged to avoid bringing their devices into the class as it is disruptive to others and to the individual’s ability to concentrate and receive optimal benefits from their work out. The time you designate and then spend performing your work out is not just for your physical fitness improvement. It is a time to de-stress, reduce anxiety and to focus upon you – it is your time. It is the rare call or text that you need access to during that hour and more importantly, you need a break from the constant stimulus of social media.

Now, if you are able to manage those 30 days during your work outs without immediate access to your devices, it is now time to try expanding that challenge. How about a day each week when you are tech free? Read a paper, bound book, chat or play with your children and family, relax in the beauty of our surroundings and know that the tech will be there tomorrow, so let it go for that day.

One more challenge, although there are many possible, turn off the tech early in the evening so that you are ready for a good night’s sleep. The better you sleep, the better you will perform the following day at every task, including your work out and responding to important emails and text messages!

By: Jackie Wright

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