We offer Massage Therapy Services performed by licensed massage therapists. Current members as well as non-members may enjoy a  variety of massage options such as Swedish, Hot Stone or Deep Tissue. Arrange for your appointment at the reception desk or give us a call at 970-887-1122.

Our current therapist on staff is Lynda Troccoli.

Lynda received her first massage and was floored by the feeling of well being, love, and healing.  Immediately the decision was made to become not just the receiver but the giver.

She graduated from Myotherapy Institute of Massage in Salt Lake City in 2000.  She specializes in Hot Stone, Raindrop Technique and Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy (Ashiatsu uses overhead bars to give deep pressure to the back with the feet). After 10 years at a local spa selling these techniques individually, she combines these skills, intuition, and client goals to create the massage desired.

One can expect to have their muscles warmed and relaxed with the smooth stones, soothing and therapeutic oils applied to the back and  a firm focused touch to your body’s soreness.

(1) Massage @ $70.00

(8) Massages @ $520 ($65 each)

(12) Massages @ $720 ($60 each)

Complete your MLF journey to optimum health and wellness with massage!

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