Try our club absolutely free for a full 7 days, with no risk, no obligation and no money up front.
We would love for you to try Mountain Life Fitness, meet our members and meet our amazing staff. At the end of 7 days, if we have not met and exceeded your expectations, then we do not deserve to have you as a member. To qualify for a trial membership, you should meet the criteria below:

  • Must be a Grand County resident with ID
  • Must be at least 18 years of age with ID
  • May only utilize a trial membership once
  • Must be seven consecutive days
  • Non-transferrable

Call or email with any questions, or stop by the club during business hours to sign up for your trial.


All memberships with the exception of the Seasonal, are one-year with an automatic month-to-month roll over after the first year. However, the member may choose not to roll over with a 30-day written notice provided to Mountain Life Fitness 30 days prior to the completion of the annual agreement.

Senior pricing- Senior discounts (i.e. 15% discount applied to eligible memberships for those members 65 years of age and above) are available for all membership options except seasonal, youth and corporate as these are either short-term or already discounted memberships.

BRONZE – Open Fitness Floor Only – $60/month - $720/year
Provides the member with access to the open fitness floor only all hours that the club is open. Access to large group exercise classes, personal training or small group training would be an additional charge per class/session.

SILVER – Large Group Exercise Program Only – $60/month - $720/year
Provides the member with access to all specifically designated large group exercise classes only. Access to the open fitness floor, small group training or personal training would be an additional charge per fitness floor use/class/session.

GOLD – Complete Membership – $96/month - $1152/year
Provides the member with access to the open fitness floor and all specifically designated large group exercise classes. Access to personal training or small group training classes would be an additional charge per class/session.

COUPLE’S MEMBERSHIP – GOLD$156.00/month - $1872/year
Provides the married or comparable domestic partner “living in the same household” with a Gold membership which includes access to the open fitness floor and all specifically designated large group exercise classes. Access to personal training or small group training classes would be an additional charge per class/session.

HOUSEHOLD MEMBERSHIP – GOLD$168.00/month for the first three members of the same household and $20/per additional family member.
Provides the family of a minimum of three members, children 13-17* years of age only, living in the same household with a Gold membership which includes access to the open fitness floor and all specifically designated large group exercise classes. Access to personal training or small group training classes would be an additional charge per class/session. *All children under the age of 16 must have their parent or legal guardian physically accompanying them at all times when in the facility.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP – GOLD – $65/month per employee for three-five employees and $55/month per employee six and above employees.
With at least three employees currently working for the same company/corporation, this membership provides the client with access to the open fitness floor and all specifically designated large group exercise classes. Access to personal training or small group training classes would be an additional charge per class/session.

YOUTH MEMBERSHIP – GOLD – Applies to youth 16-17 years of age only - $60.00/month. *A MLF parental written/executed membership agreement is required for all youth memberships.
Applies to youth 16-17 years of age and provides these members with access to the open fitness floor and all specifically designated large group exercise classes. Access to personal training or small group training classes would be an additional charge per class/session. **Note that youth members may not bring a guest into our facility that is under the age of 18.

SEASONAL MEMBERSHIP – Specifically designed for confirmed second-homeowners or seasonal employees located within Grand County—paid in full, up front - $180-288.00. *Full-time Grand County residents are not eligible for this membership option.
Provides the seasonal member with access to either a Bronze Seasonal Membership – open fitness floor only $180.00, Silver Seasonal Membership – large group exercise class only $180.00 or a Gold Seasonal Membership $288.00. Due to the short-term nature of this membership, all fees are paid up front and are non-refundable enabling the member to utilize the facility, within the scope of their specific membership option, for any continuous three month period of a calendar year. This membership may be renewed for one, second three-month term within the same 12-month period by the same seasonal member.


PUNCH CARDS – Punch cards are available in 5 ($75.00), 10 ($150.00), 15 ($225.00), and 20 ($300.00) lots.
Provides non-members with access to the open fitness floor and all specifically designated large group exercise classes per punch of the card. Access to personal training services will require scheduling in advance. All small group training program classes are pre-registered and may not be available for the punch-card clientele. Consequently, please call ahead to see if there is availability as priority is given to the SGT registered and current members.

Provides non-members with the ability to drop-in to our facility for $20/visit and access to the open fitness floor and all designated large group exercise classes where there is availability. Our classes do fill up and consequently, we always encourage you to call us prior to your visit to ensure we have availability in our classes as priority is always given to our current members. Access to personal training services will require scheduling in advance. All small group training program classes are pre-registered and may not be available for the drop-in clientele.

This membership is designed for those that are unable to commit to a full year and is structured as follows:

  • A two-month minimum commitment with an automatic rollover continuously until a 30-day written notice is received by MLF.
    This notice must be provided to MLF either by post or delivered by hand to MLF, no emails or phone calls will be acceptable notice.
  • Only EDD/EFT payment options are available (with checking/savings accounts or credit card) no cash or checks or over the counter monthly payments are permitted.
  • First month’s dues are collected and paid for up front.

The three foundational membership options of Bronze, Silver and Gold are priced accordingly:

  • Bronze Monthly - $84/month
  • Silver Monthly - $84/month
  • Gold Monthly - $132/month

There are no couple’s, household, corporate, youth, personal training, and small group training or seasonal membership options available with the month-to-month membership.


In 2013, we began the search for the perfect setting for Mountain Life Fitness and we feel we have found that at 19 Ten Mile Drive, in Granby, Colorado. We are so happy to be able to share our passion for fitness with you within the walls of this brand new fitness facility designed by Munn Architecture and built out by Big Valley Construction. No stone was left unturned to provide you with the best design, solid construction and environment conducive to any workout, whether it is power lifting, meditation in a yoga class or experiencing a relaxing massage. Our goal is to make this your “ultimate fitness destination”!

We are thrilled to be offering an amazing array of state-of-the-art fitness equipment to our members. From our Matrix and Hoist plate-loaded and selectorized equipment, to our Matrix and Octane cardiovascular equipment, to our LeMond RevMaster indoor group cycles, we have purchased top of the line equipment for you to enjoy.

Speaking of equipment, our equipment is regularly cleaned and maintained. One of the major issues we face in the fitness industry is downtime for our equipment. Consequently, we have invested in a regular maintenance program and thereby are investing in you with the goal that you have access to our excellent equipment choices whenever you walk through our doors.

If you decide to become a Gold or Silver member of MLF, you will have access to our comprehensive large group exercise program. We offer a wide variety of large group exercise class formats addressing the needs of everyone from the elite athlete to the novice exerciser. Please pick up a copy of our current large group exercise class schedule at the reception desk, various locations throughout the facility or visit our website at to view a schedule.

You may either choose a small group training membership option or you may opt to choose another membership option and “pay as you go” for small group training classes. Small group training offerings will generally ensure a class size of 3-8 members only and provide the member with some of the fantastic elements of personal training for a fraction of the cost. These classes/programs include formats such as outdoor boot camps, running clinics, ski/golf/tennis preparation and Pilates Apparatus and are often seasonal and session based. Pricing will vary depending upon the size of the class, class format and length of the session. Please pick up a copy of our current small group training class schedule at the reception desk, various locations throughout the facility or visit our website at to view a schedule.

You may either choose a personal training membership or you may opt to choose another membership option and occasionally schedule a personal training appointment with one of our outstanding certified trainers to boost your exercise performance. Personal, one-on-one, training is an excellent option for those rehabilitating injuries or from surgery, preparing for a physical fitness event, such as a marathon, triathlon or the Ride of the Rockies.

At MLF, our goal is to staff only the finest professionals in the fitness industry to take care of you and your fitness needs. Current, industry recognized certifications are required along with current CPR/AED certifications. Many of our team members also possess health/fitness university degrees, must possess years of teaching, training and coaching experience, and our on-going in-house training combine to ensure current fitness industry practices. Our team is regularly evaluated to promote safe, effective and fun programs to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Every MLF team member is specifically trained to cater to your needs as an MLF member. From the MOD’s (i.e. managers on duty), reception desk, to the juice bar, we are here for you. Just ask us and we will make every effort to address your needs.

All memberships include an initial complimentary fitness assessment for each new member. The fitness assessment is essential; regardless of how fit you may be currently, to establish the base-line of fitness which enables you and MLF to track your progress effectively. The fitness assessment includes the FMS method of assessment (i.e. Functional Movement Screen), body composition, girth measurements and body weight. These records are kept confidential but available to you and your trainer where applicable. The fitness assessment may be scheduled at the reception desk or give us a call at 970-887-1122. Please plan on approximately 30 minutes for the fitness assessment.

An initial fitness floor group orientation is included for all Bronze or Gold members. Fitness floor orientations are essential for your safety and the effectiveness of your exercise programs. While none of the equipment is complicated to use, each piece does require a bit of a learning curve to safely operate. Consequently, we do require you to spend a few moments learning how to safely and effectively operate the equipment with one of our fitness professionals on the MLF team.

We create a workout of the week (W.O.W) each week so that when you come in for your fitness floor workout, you will have access to a professionally designed circuit program which will get you in and out within 15-60 minutes if you so desire.

Our indoor group cycling program is comprehensive and every MLF member who chooses to participate in our program is professionally fit on one of our LeMond RevMaster indoor group cycles. Each client receives their own bike fit card with their bike fit measurements, heart rate training zones, heart rate parameters and RPE (i.e. ratings of perceived exertion) ranges on the back of the card so they will know exactly what their specific information is every time they walk in the cycling room. Heart rate chest strap sensors are provided as our amazing cycles have a Pilot which displays heart rate, RPM’s, time, distance and Kcal expenditure data. We also track our progress on the cycles, so you have access to your own statistics journal!

We encourage you to bring your own music when on the open fitness floor with headphones or ear buds to prevent disturbing your fellow members. There is music softly playing throughout the facility.

After your workout, when you are enjoying a replenishing shake at The Blend, you may check your email via our wireless internet service and watch a little news or a game on our television.

All current MLF members have access to our locker room facilities. We do have limited locker space and encourage you to leave all valuables at home or locked inside your car rather than bringing those into the facility. We offer cell phone lockers which may house your cell phone, car keys and wallet and encourage you to utilize these lockers whenever possible. Shoes, gym bags, etc. should be kept in lockers and may not be brought onto the fitness floor or into the group exercise room. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items which is why we strongly advise you to leave your valuables at home or locked in your car while working out.

The lockers have locks which take a four-digit code of your choosing, inputted twice to lock and once to unlock. All lockers are for a maximum of two-hour use to enable all of our member’s access.

We offer complimentary towel service for hand and bath towels. Towels may be found throughout the facility and in the locker rooms.

Our protein shake and smoothie bar is state-of-the-art and features all natural shakes for your pre or post workout needs. We also offer a bottled drink fridge. Buy one and take it with you or enjoy it in our café ‘setting while you catch up on the news or an email.

We offer massage therapy services to our current members performed by licensed massage therapists. You will have access to a variety of massage options such as Relaxation, Swedish, Tui Na, Thai Yoga or Deep Tissue. Arrange for your appointment via the reception desk or give us a call at 970-887-1122.

Mountain Life Fitness, LLC is a member of IHRSA and also offers the IHRSA Passport Program to our members and those members of reciprocating IHRSA Passport Program clubs throughout the world. The benefit to you is that you, as an MLF member, have access to participating clubs in over 40 countries when traveling, receiving a 50 percent discount on their daily/drop in rates. The club must be at least 50 miles from MLF. Upon request, we will provide you with a membership card to present to our fellow clubs and we will help you to locate those clubs as well so that you may stay healthy and fit while you travel!

You are able to access current club information such as large group exercise class program and small group training program schedules on-line. Eventually, we will offer a scheduling service for your personal training, massage therapy and SGT appointments or sessions on our website. Of course, you may always give us a call as well at 970-887-1122 to schedule appointments or ask questions!

KEEPING IN TOUCH (email:, Facebook Page at Mountain Life Fitness)
We, with your permission, keep your email or other contact information on hand so that we may keep you constantly apprised of all of the happenings and events at MLF. We offer several member events each year, everything from our grand opening in October 2014 to fitness workshops and charitable events. Staying in touch with you will enable you to receive the most benefits from your MLF membership.


It is the mission of Mountain Life Fitness (“Mountain Life”) to enhance the lives of our Members by helping them achieve their fitness goals and objectives and by providing an environment that promotes the safe, effective and professional delivery of fitness services.

Membership is a contractual privilege to use Mountain Life’s facility (the “Facility”), equipment, services, amenities and programs as offered by Mountain Life from time to time during its hours of operation. However, it does not entitle a Member to any interest or ownership rights or to participate in the operation or management of Mountain Life or its Facility.

Mountain Life offers from time to time a variety of membership options designed to meet the varying needs of our Members. Please consult with Mountain Life’s staff (the “Staff”) for details. Each Member or other Participant is required to sign an applicable agreement and a release, waiver and indemnification before admission to the Facility. Participants may also be required to complete and furnish a health history questionnaire. Nothing contained in this document is intended to limit, modify or amend the terms and conditions of these agreements which will control in the event of a conflict with any provision of this Member Handbook/Participant Rules (“Handbook”). Unless otherwise agreed with Mountain Life, Participants may not use any part of the Facility or any Mountain Life services that are outside of the scope of their Membership or other Participant agreement.

While Participants using the facility on a drop-in, punch card or guest basis are subject to the Rules provided in this Handbook, they are not considered members and may have limited privileges and access to the Facility and Mountain Life services and benefits.

Mountain Life reserves the right to amend or modify this Handbook at any time or from time to time. Members and other Participants are bound by such amendments and modifications and it is their obligation to be aware of and comply with them. A copy of the most recent version of the Handbook can be found at the Facility reception desk and at Mountain Life’s website at An updated hard copy can also be obtained by request to a member of the Staff.

The scope of each Member’s or other participant’s use of Mountain Life’s Facility and services are delineated in the Member or other Participant’s agreement. In addition, Mountain Life offers from time to time to its Members a number of general membership benefits. While subject to change by Mountain Life, current general membership benefits include:

  • Complimentary towel service
  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms with use of complimentary lockers (2-hour maximum use)
  • Complimentary cell phone lockers (2-hour maximum use)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • *Access to personal training and small group training sessions
  • *Massages
  • Juice bar

*Limited availability, additional charges and scheduling may apply.

While hours of operation may be subject to change from to time, the current hours of operation are:

SUN: 8:00am – 11:30am
MON: 5:30am – 8:15pm
TUE: 5:30am – 8:15pm
WED: 5:30am – 8:15pm
THU: 5:30am – 8:15pm
FRI: 5:30am – 7:00pm
SAT: 8:00am – 11:30am

(Closed Sundays, Memorial Day thru Labor Day)

The Facility will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day with early closing on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. All or part of the Facility may also be closed from time to time for maintenance and repairs, planned events or unplanned occurrences, and Mountain Life will attempt to provide notice to Members in the event of such closures.

Members may purchase services that are not within the scope of their Membership Agreement as follows:

Access to and use of the Fitness Floor and related equipment – $10/visit
Participation in a large Group Exercise Class – $10/class
Participation in a small Group Exercise Class – $15/class
Personal training session – $70/session
*Basic massage session (1-hour Swedish massage) – $60/session

All fees must be paid in advance. Classes and personal training sessions are subject to availability. Small Group Exercise Classes and personal training and massage sessions require prior registration/scheduling. The Rules provided below will apply to all purchased services.



These Rules apply to all Participants. Participants include, without limitation, all Members, all drop-in, punch-card and guest participants and any other persons authorized to use the Facility or Mountain Life’s services. Compliance with these Rules is required by and is part of each Participant’s agreement with Mountain Life. Failure to comply with these Rules may result in a Participant being required to depart the Facility or in the suspension or termination of their Membership or other agreement providing them access to the Facility. Individuals who are not authorized Participants may not enter or use the Facility or Mountain Life services, unless expressly provided by these Rules and then only to the extent provided.

All persons must enter the Facility through the north door of the Facility (nearest the Reception Desk) and must check in at the Reception Desk before proceeding further into the Facility. The other two doors are emergency exits only and may not be used otherwise for ingress and egress. Members must present a valid, current key tag ID or other identification provided by Mountain Life (“Mountain Life ID”) and must be current in the payment of all fees, dues and other amounts owed Mountain Life in order to be allowed entry into the Facility. All Mountain Life IDs may be used only by the Member to whom it was issued and may not be transferred or loaned to any other person. The garage doors must remain closed at all times, unless opened by the Staff.

Participants are reminded that this is an adult-oriented fitness facility designed for the enjoyment and use of its adult Members and may contain risks and adult areas not intended or suitable for children.

  • The minimum age for unaccompanied Participants on the fitness floor and in group exercise classes is 16 years.
  • The minimum age for accompanied Participants on the fitness floor or in group exercise classes is 13 years. Children, 13 to 15 years old, must be accompanied at all times by an adult (age 18 years or older) when using the fitness floor or participating in Group Exercise Classes.
  • Children under the age of 13 are not allowed in the Facility.
  • Participants are fully responsible for their children and may be required to remove unruly or noisy children from the Facility.

All Participants must comply with the instructions of Mountain Life Staff, trainers and instructors while in the Facility. Failure to comply may result in the Participant being required to depart the Facility or in the suspension or termination of their Membership or other Participant agreement.


  • Food, tobacco, chewing gum, glass or cans are prohibited on the fitness floor and in the Group Exercise Room. Water and energy drinks are permitted if in a plastic container with a lid or cap (“Permitted Beverages”).
  • Consumption of food and beverages, other than Permitted Beverages, is limited to the juice bar area. Food and beverages, except Permitted Beverages, from outside the Facility may not be brought in or consumed in the Facility.
  • Participants are required to respect the safety and convenience of other Participants. Profanity, excessively loud or suggestive language and offensive conduct are prohibited. Offensive conduct includes, without limitation, lack of respect for Staff, harassment or verbal or physical abuse of other Participants, use of abusive language, loud, threatening or rude behavior, disregard of these Rules or Staff, trainer or instructors instructions, abuse of Facility equipment or property, failure to check in or pay any amounts due Mountain Life, theft, fighting and vandalism.
  • Participants may not use cameras or video equipment of any kind in the Facility, including cell phone cameras or videos, without the prior authorization of Mountain Life management.
  • In using cell phones in the facility for non-camera or video purposes, Participants must be respectful of the privacy and convenience of other Participants.
  • No bicycles, skateboards, skis, snowboards, ski boots or skates may be brought into or worn within the Facility.
  • Participants must park only in designated parking areas located at the Facility or in the area designated along the fence behind 17 Ten Mile Drive. Parking is permitted only while participating in activities at the Facility. No overnight parking is allowed. Participants bear the sole risk of loss, damage or theft of or to any vehicle, bicycle or other conveyance located in the parking area and the contents thereof, and Mountain Life will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of such property.
  • No pets, except those assisting special needs persons, are permitted in the Facility. For the safety of our Participants as well as the pets, pets may not be tied up on Facility property.
  • No leaflets, pamphlets, books, magazines, literature, brochures or similar printed materials, or unsolicited speech of any sort or nature, may be distributed or displayed at the Facility without the prior authorization of Mountain Life management.
  • Smoking in Facility property is strictly prohibited.

Fire Arms and other weapons or explosives are not permitted in the Facility.


  • Participants must wear appropriate work-out attire while on the fitness floor and in the Group Exercise Room. Street clothes and foot wear are not permitted in these areas. Non-marking athletic shoes are required in the Group Exercise Room, except that shoes with cleats may be worn in connection with group cycling classes. Participants must wear closed-toe athletic shoes and may not wear sandals, open-toe shoes, hard-soled shoes, cut-off tank tops, mesh tank tops, jeans or other clothing that may compromise the safety or decorum of the fitness floor or Group Exercise Room.
  • During inclement weather, Participants must wipe their feet on the entry way mats upon entering the Facility to minimize the tracking in of snow, water and dirt.


  • Participants may use the Fitness Floor and related equipment only if included in the scope of their Membership or other Participant’s agreement.
  • Use of all equipment is on a first-come first-serve, availability basis. However, Participants are expected to be respectful of the needs, convenience and safety of other Participants and to share the use of equipment. Equipment that is out of service for maintenance or repair may not be used.
  • In lifting weights, all Participants must use appropriate caution to avoid potential injuries to themselves or other Participants. Participants must use all weights, including free weights and weight machines, in a controlled, safe manner, must not drop, bounce or slam weights and must use weight collars, clamps or clips when using free weights. Participants lifting heavy free weights are encouraged to use a spotter.
  • Participants must keep all free weights in the free weight area and must return all free weights, including dumbbells, bars and weight plates, to the appropriate racks or plate trees.
  • Participants must use all equipment in the manner for which it has been designed and may not move any exercise machine. Participants must not attempt to use equipment unless they know how to properly use it. If in doubt, they must seek assistance from the Staff. Participants must wipe down equipment after use with provided towels or wipes.
  • While on the fitness floor, all Participants must be actively engaged in a fitness activity.
  • Participants must bring a clean towel to absorb sweat and for use on the equipment and must wipe padded equipment with a towel to help keep it clean and prolong its useful life.
  • Pilates equipment is available for use only in connection with a Group Exercise Class or a personal training session.
  • Personal training at the Facility by non-Staff members is strictly prohibited. Mountain Life offers personal training and interested Participants should contact Staff to arrange for personal training sessions.


  • Participation in Group Exercise Classes is limited to those Participants with respect to whom such classes are included in the scope of their Membership or other Participant’s agreement.
  • Unless a Member holds a small Group Exercise Class Membership, small Group Exercise Classes are subject to additional charges. Small Group Exercise Classes are also subject to registration or enrollment charges.
  • Group Exercise Classes have priority for the use of the Group Exercise Room. Participants may use the Group Exercise Room when not being used for the preparation or conduct of Group Exercise Classes. While in the Group Exercise Room, all Participants must be actively engaged in a fitness activity.
  • Group Exercise Classes accommodate only a limited number of attendees. Participation is on a first-come first-serve basis. Certain classes may be subject to prior sign-up and other restrictions or requirements, as Mountain Life may determine from time to time.
  • Participants are expected to arrive and be prepared for class at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Late participants may be denied entry to class, at the instructor's discretion.
  • All equipment located in the Group Exercise Room must remain in that room. Participants must wipe down equipment after use with provided towels or wipes and return equipment to it its proper location after use.
  • Participants must bring a clean towel to absorb sweat and for use on equipment.

Members, who are 18 years or older, are entitled to bring one guest per calendar month with them to the Facility. A current fee of $10 per guest per visit will be charged for Member guests. Guests must be accompanied by their sponsoring Member and must check in and out of the Facility with the sponsoring Member. Guests will be required to sign Mountain Life’s guest use agreement and release, waiver and indemnification agreement before admission to the Facility and, depending on the activity in which they intend to participate, may also be required to complete a health history questionnaire or other documentation. The permitted scope of use of the Facility by a guest may not exceed that of their sponsoring Member. All guests must comply with these Rules. The sponsoring Member also must sign the guest use agreement assuming responsibility at all times for the conduct of their guests while at the Facility and liability for any damage, loss, injury, death or liability caused by their guests.

No refunds will be given for any guest fees, Kid Rec Room fees, out-of-scope services fees or any other fees paid in connection with services not used or fully utilized by a Participant.

Changing lockers are provided in the locker room and cell phone lockers are provided in the hallway outside of the Group Exercise Room. Locker use is limited to a two-hour maximum. When finished using, lockers must be left unlocked. Instructions for locking and unlocking the lockers are posted in the locker areas. All lockers will be unlocked at the end of each day and any contents removed by Staff. All items in a locker will be bagged and subject to disposition as provided below.

Lockers are not designed to protect valuables. Participants assume the sole risk relating to the use of the lockers, including without limitation, the risk of theft, loss or damage of property, and Mountain Life has no liability or responsibility for such theft, loss or damage.

Mountain Life currently offers hand and bath towels for Member use while utilizing the Facility. Used towels should be placed in the receptacles located in the locker rooms and other locations throughout the Facility. Towels may not be removed from the Facility.

Only Staff may (i) adjust the settings on, or insert or remove DVDs in, wall-mounted televisions located at the Facility, (ii) adjust the settings of the Facility sound systems, or (iii) adjust the light, climate control or other electronic systems/equipment located at the Facility. Please ask Staff for assistance with this equipment.

Mountain Life is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Participants are encouraged to leave any valuables at home or in a locked vehicle. Items found should be turned in to the Reception Desk Staff. All unclaimed items will be collected at the end of each month. Every six months the items will be donated to a local charity.

Items of perceived value, such as jewelry, eyeglasses, wallets, and IDs, will be stored in a safe and are not to be donated for a period of six months. Under no circumstances are Participants allowed to search through those items perceived to be valuable. Persons attempting to claim a valuable item must accurately describe the item to a Staff member. No information about lost items will be given out over the phone; claims for an item must be made in person.

For health reasons, socks, undergarments and toiletry items will be immediately discarded.

Only employees are permitted in the employee break room, general manager’s office, mezzanine area, janitor’s closet and storage closet and behind the reception desk and juice bar. Participants are not permitted in these areas without express permission of Mountain Life management.


  • Massage appointments may be booked with Staff at the Reception Desk. Please consult the Staff for a current listing of available massage offerings and prices.
  • Non-participants also may be allowed to book massages at the Facility. They may use the locker rooms and general non-workout areas of the Facility, but will have access to no other parts of the Facility or services of Mountain Life.

Members are responsible for providing Mountain Life with current contact information. Please inform the Reception Desk Staff promptly of any changes to your contact information.

Revised February 6, 2015

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