Personal Training Program

Our personal training program at Mountain Life is staffed by true fitness professionals with industry recognized certifications, including university degrees in health/fitness programs and significant levels of personal training and coaching experience. Each member scheduling a personal training session will receive a goals/objectives consultation with their trainer to establish specific health and fitness goals and objectives, followed by a thorough fitness assessment to identify limitations, imbalances and set a fitness baseline.

The trainer will utilize the consultation information to design a personal exercise program followed by a demonstration session with the member to reinforce all aspects of the program and to work through any elements which may need to be modified. The outcome is a comprehensive personalized program for each member.

All members would benefit from our personal training program regardless of fitness or skill level. Professional supervision, program design and both the long-term and short-term approach concentrating upon results, is our primary goal for each and every member.

All one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer are one hour in length and priced as follows:

  • One session - $70
  • Eight sessions - $520 ($65 each)
  • Twelve sessions - $720 ($60 each)

We also have group packages available.

Stop by the front desk or Contact Us to set up your personal training session today.

What our PT Clients Have to Say...

“Mountain Life” describes this gym perfectly. Everyone there is very supportive, welcoming, and friendly. To me, that is what gives our mountain town the charm it is known for. They have top of the line equipment and an amazing personal training program. I am embarrassed to admit that I had forgotten how to workout. I decided to get a personal trainer to get back into it and was fortunate to have Kendra work with me.  I absolutely adore her.  She is a perfect motivator to kick your butt into shape!  She made personal training programs according to the areas I needed to focus on, and I am really enjoying watching my body change.

In seven weeks, I met with her one to two times per week and lost 10 lbs and 12.75 inches! It was hard work, but having Kendra there to cheer me on and push my limits was crucial to my success. I am now confident enough with the equipment and my abilities to continue my programs by myself.

The group classes are great too! I haven’t been to many of them, but I always feel so good afterwards!  Jackie is an amazing instructor and really pushes you.

It is refreshing when you go to a gym and you feel like everyone is cheering you on to be the best you can be – a very special group of people here. Front desk staff is always so helpful and friendly! Highly recommended! Can’t say enough good things about this gym."

-Katy G.
Lost  10lbs - 12.75 Inches - 6.4% Body Fat


"What an AMAZING team! I have tried losing weight with my own routines for years with no success. I decided to meet with Kendra for some personalized training and think it was the absolute best decision I have made. She is extremely encouraging but honest and will let you know what you need to do to hit your personal goals. She is always available to talk and walk you through those challenging days.

We set certain goals and crushed them! I also enjoy all of the classes Jackie teaches. I attend many of the different programs and appreciate the diversity. I usually get bored with one routine but that never happens with all of the options they offer. I love it there! Thank you to everyone at Mountain Life Fitness for all of the continued support!"

-Shea M.
Lost  20lbs - 16.5 Inches - 6.7% Body Fat

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