Small Group Training (SGT) Class Descriptions

Our Mountain Life Fitness SGT program is structured to provide the client the personal attention of a personal training, one-on-one program, at a reduced cost due to the small group setting when compared with one-on-one training. The client will receive a significant degree of personal coaching, guidance and direction during all SGT sessions and consequently, the cost basis is increased from what is experienced in a large group exercise program setting and included in our Gold and Silver memberships.
The SGT program is a session-based program which provides the client with the flexibility to register for the sessions that meet their needs, to pay in full and to have the option of MLF club membership or to attend the SGT programs outside of the benefit of membership. This option may work for those that simply wish to participate in SGT programs only or members who would like to take advantage of SGT and the cost benefits when compared to personal one-on-one training at $70.00/session.
That said, we will also be utilizing our upstairs studio for one-on-one personal training including Pilates Apparatus, Mat Pilates and yoga.
The Cost Structure of our SGT Pilates Apparatus and Mat Pilates program are as follows:

  • Maximum class size is three for this program and a minimum of two participants. Registration is required in advance of each 4-week session, paid in full. *If you are a drop in guest, please contact us at 970-887-1122 or Pilates Apparatus SGT Program classes are paid for outside of the Mountain Life Fitness, LLC membership dues. A punch card may be applied toward the SGT fees, however, the program cost remains the same (i.e. $40/per class per person) and registration is required.We are also delighted to add additional class days/times based upon demand. Therefore, if you are interested in a different day/time for this program, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Our Newest Small Group Training Program - A Great Fit For Everyone!



Climb On Board! A brand new four-week Small Group Training Program is beginning. This fun, total body workout is available to Mountain Life Fitness members and non-members alike so tell your friends. Under the expert instruction of Dani, one of our amazing certified personal trainers/coaches, this smart workout performed on the Water Rower—negligible impact and form-centric to reduce the risk of injury while performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT), alternating bursts of extreme activity with recovery intervals which concentrate on increasing aerobic capacity and efficiency. To register or learn more, visit the front desk, email or call the club at 970-887-1122.

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